Welcome to the international logistics company, SHIINHAN Express Line Inc.

SHINHAN Express Line Inc., an international logistics company specializing with the sufficient experiences, was established in 2009 as the Korean agent of ILL(International Import Logistics Group)to provide the total logistics service such as export and import by sea, export and import by air, customs clearance, bonded transportation, railroad service, bulk-project cargo and 3PL, etc and has been growing up the international general logistics company in the 21st century. We are doing our best for building up the new services such as TSR/TCR/TMGR/TIR, etc as expanding business areas even to the Far East beyond Europe, the Americas and Asia through the close partnerships with agents having histories and scales in the worldwide 60 nations around. And we keep exploring the markets as analyzing the sharply changing international logistics environment and trend in minute detail and showing the advanced service in order that our competitiveness is linked directly with customer's competitiveness. Wherever cargoes are in the world or whatever they are, we are grasping customers requirements and the characteristics of cargoes to draw the most suitable service and guarantee the safety of cargoes through 24H Monitoring System. And we can promise the speed and the accuracy as providing the state and the information of all cargoes in real time through the systematic overseas networks. Also, we will reward customers supports as being the company leading the international general logistics in the 21st century through continuous investment and research in high-tech logistics network and educational development of specialized human resource.

Management Ideology

International logistics company specializing with a history
and scale to more than 60 countries world SHINHAN Express Line Inc.

  • Management
    Leading the international logistics market
    with the new model expected by customers
  • Goal
    Making company's value newly recognized as performing
    the social responsibilities and roles
  • Core value
    Customers expectation are the future of logistics
    New balance


Evolve through constant development and innovation
SHINHAN Express Line Inc. for Global Expansion

2016 Contract with FELB Co,
Open “Eurasia Express Service”
2015 Member of KITA, Korea International Association
Member of CLC, China Logistics Club
Member of KOITAC, Korea Investment Association to China
2014 Voted Cooperative Logistics Company with Joongbu University in Korea
Voted Cooperative Logistics Company with Kyunggi Logistics High School
2013 Voted "Excellent Freight Forwarder Award 2012" by Kwangyang Port Authority
2012 Voted "Excellent Freight Forwarder Award 2012" by Incheon Port Authority
2009 Registered to Seoul City Authority as the number 3288
Registered to Korean Customs Service Authority as Code NWLK
Member of KOIMA, Korea Importers Association